Taste Beyond Expectation

While traveling Tia said that she enjoyed bourbon, but a cocktail would be her preference. And then is when the “Aha moment” happened. We realized the number of Bourbon aficionados who were telling you “how to drink their spirits”, and  forcing people to a neat experience, when maybe their tastes were different. The market was screaming for a new bourbon experience.

That’s why we created Fresh Bourbon – we wanted to create a new bourbon experience! Our Fresh Bourbon is gently sweet and approachable with surprising complexity and satisfying depth. Enjoy as a cocktail, with a splash,  rocks or neat. 

We say Start Fresh, Finish wherever you like.

Most bourbons fall in the category of sit, sip and see, they are the watchers.

Fresh Bourbon is for doers, Sip and be Seen!


so fresh so clean

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